Is This For You?

You have a hard time living in the present, always looking back at what was missing, or looking forward to how things could be. Maybe you feel overwhelmed and misunderstood. You have friends and family, but they don’t get it- they can’t seem to help you. You want to enjoy life, to make people happy, and it is exhausting. Or maybe you don’t even know how you feel but you know it doesn’t feel good.

You may know where these feelings started, a tough relationship, trauma, a difficult childhood. Or sometimes the feelings seem to come from nowhere, which just seems wrong. No matter the reason, you are not broken, you are surviving. But it doesn’t have to be so hard.

You are here, reading this page because you are READY TO FEEL BETTER. Ready to live in the present. Ready to look forward to a happy future. And I am ready to take this journey with you, confident that together we can make it happen. I will provide a safe space where you can be heard, feel understood, and not judged.

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