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The no-cost video chat can be useful for potential clients to determine if Jamie is the right therapist to assist you in reaching your desired goals. This session typically lasts around 15-20 minutes. During this time, you’ll connect through video to introduce yourselves, evaluate if there’s a good match in terms of your needs and Jamie’s expertise, ask any questions you might have, check the video connection, and talk about matters like insurance and payment options.

Once it’s confirmed, you’ll get a Google calendar invitation and an email. These will have a link for you to join the video call using Google Meets. If you gave a phone number, you’ll also receive text reminders with the link for the video meeting. Join the video from a private place, where you can hear and talk without distractions. If using a computer make sure you have a camera, speaker, and microphone. Most phones and laptops come with these built-in, but some desktop computers might not have them.